Sig P320 Xten Vs Springfield Xdm Elite (2024)

1. SIG Sauer P320 X Ten Vs. Springfield Armory XD-M Elite OSP

  • In terms of controllability, the XD was noticeably snappier than the P320, and as you'd expect both are considerably harder to hang on to than an equivalent 9mm ...

  • Threats on two legs or four, 10mm can make the difference between life or death. But how do the new generation of hi-cap 10mm stand up?

2. Which 10MM: Sig P320 Xten, Springfield XD Elite, or M and P?

  • May 13, 2023 · Sig feels great in the hand and comes with night sights and 2 15 round mags. Glock's supposed to super reliable and comes with 3 15 round mags.

  • Looking to buy a 10MM that will mostly sit in a holster on my pack for bowhunting in the midwest but it might make it out west for a few trips as well. Any suggestions between these 3 options? The Sig is about $200 more than the other two and I'm not sure it's worth it? I have also read that...

3. Sig P320 XTen Tested and Reviewed - Outdoor Life

  • Oct 16, 2023 · The Sig P320 XTen is one of few P320's that are in a different caliber, and the only 10mm Auto. 9mm and 10mm Sig P320 pistols The Sig P320 XTen ...

  • The Sig P320 XTen is one of the newest double-stack 10mm Auto's in a competitive market. It's a great candidate for backcountry defense.

4. Kenai Chest Holster - Across the Chest, Fast & Efficient Draw

  • Carry your firearm confidently outdoors with the Kenai Chest Holster. Perfect for hiking, camping & hunting. Your ultimate outdoor companion.

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5. Springfield XDm Elite 3.8" Compact OSP 10mm Review

  • Aug 15, 2022 · I held this pistol and my .45 XDm and compared the triggers. My honest opinion is the older style curved trigger on the .45 was smoother with ...

  • The only thing bigger than the name of this pistol is its caliber.  Nine millimeter firearms are all good fun but when it comes to delivering serious power in a semiautomatic platform it's really hard to beat a 10mm Auto.  Combine this potent caliber with a polymer framed double stack carry gun and what do

6. Sig Sauer P320-XTEN Comp OR 10mm 3.8" Barrel 15+1

  • Nov 21, 2023 · On the other hand, the XDM-Elite 10mm has a 3.8" barrel, same as the X-Ten Comp, but is only 6.75" length overall and 5oz lighter. Almost an ...


7. SIG SAUER Brings 10mm Power with P320-XTEN | The Armory Life Forum

  • May 26, 2022 · Besides Springfield (I have their 10mm's in 5.25" XDm and 3.8" XDm Elite), and Smith & Wesson's M&P 10mms (I have both their 4" and 4.6" models) ...

  • Looks like Sig is getting into the 10mm game, the Sig P320XTEN. This will definitely be a big hit for Sig, this is one I will really look at into getting.

8. Range Rentals

  • The new SIG P320-XTEN takes performance to the power of 10. Optic Ready ... Springfield XDM 9 Compact-image · Springfield XDM 9 Compact. The Springfield ...

  • Filter Sort By Product Search Categories Handguns (109) Rifles (18) Sub-Categories 9 mm (72) .357 mm (1) 380 Auto (3) .22 (7) 5.7X28 MM (1) 10 mm (1) .40 S&W (3) .45 ACP (10) . 357 (1) 5.56 NATO (6) Handguns Shadow Systems DR920P Taurus GX4 Shadow Systems MR920 CZ 75 SP-01 S&W Shield 9 CZ P-10 C Evolve Weapon System Glock 17 Shadow Systems XR920 Sig P365 X Macro Legion FN FNX-45 Sig P365 X Macro FNH Five-Seven Shadow Systems DR920...

9. Sig Sauer P320 XTen Comp Review - Outdoor Life

  • Feb 6, 2024 · A detail that most shooters wouldn't even notice, the P320 XTen Comp has a slightly wider slide than the plain XTen model—1.147 vs. 1051 ...

  • I put 550 rounds through the new Sig P320 XTen Comp, testing it against all my other 10mm pistols. This is the softest-shooting 10mm pistol I've ever fired.

10. Sig Sauer XTen – 10mm Firearms

  • I recently purchased the Sig XTen. Topped it with a Vortex Defender. So far I am really liking this Sig. I was thinking about getting the Springfield XDM ...

  • I purchased an xten last August. My LGS was really pushing it on me. More like strongly suggesting it. I decided to wait. After researching the firearm and finding plenty of problems associated with it, such as magazines as scarce as hens’ teeth, rounds jamming in undersized magazines for SAAMI spec ammo, poor accuracy as well as good accuracy, etc., I decided to take a chance on the gun. It felt so right in the hand. I should have know. Sig hand guns have never worked as well for me as other brands for some reason. Sig tout their pistols’ accuracy, but I just haven’t seen that compared to other brands. The biggest issue for me was the magazines. I was able to purchase four new magazines directly from Sig, but thinking that they had corrected the jamming problem was just wishful thinking. I typically use 180gr and 200gr projectiles loaded warm to hot (1250 – 1350 fps) in my glocks, loaded to SAAMI COAL specs (<=1.60″). The x10 mags wouldn’t reliably feed anything over 1.55″ COAL, nor anything with a meplat diameter larger than 7.5mm, which is a waste of a 10mm firearm. Might as well carry a 40s&w.

11. TLR Fit Guide - Streamlight

  • ... SIG Sauer, Inc., Smith & Wesson Inc., Springfield, Inc., and Taurus Armas S.A., respectively. CZ is a mark used by Ceska Zbrojovka a.s. Streamlight has not ...

12. Gun Review: Putting the Springfield Armory XD-M Elite Through the Paces

  • The only difference between the Elite models is the barrel length, similar to the new Sig Sauer M17 and M18 that won the military's modular handgun contract.

  • The XD-M Elite comes in four configurations: 5.25” Precision for Competition, 4.5” Tactical OSP with Threaded Barrel, and the 3.8” and 4.5” base models.

13. The Tucker Executive Vertical Shoulder Holster

  • ... Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, Sphinx, Springfield Armory, Steyr, STI, Staccato ... Elite 4" no rail, CQB Elite 5” no rail, CQB Tactical LE, EDC SFX9 Subcompact ...

  • Shop wide range of the finest leather holsters online. Tucker Gun Leather offers concealment or concealed carry holster & custom holsters at the best prices.

14. Blackhawk | Holsters & Tactical Gear

  • Blackhawk is law enforcement's top choice for holsters and tactical gear. Born from experience. Made for the mission. Shop our tactical & concealment ...

  • Blackhawk is law enforcement's top choice for holsters and tactical gear. Born from experience. Made for the mission. Shop our tactical & concealment holsters.

Sig P320 Xten Vs Springfield Xdm Elite (2024)


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