Pasta With Andouille Sausage, Beans and Greens Recipe (2024)



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Can you substitute another green for the collards (kale,brocolli rabe or rapini )?


If you're willing to try it, the Field Roast Italian Sausage is vegan and delicious! (full disclosure, I haven't had "real" sausage in a long time, but I hadn't found a decent veggie version til Field Roast...)

Carol Barber

Absolutely. I personally will use chard, but any leafy green (kale, mustard greens, chard, etc) should work fine.


So, I'm a bit of a novice... but cooking collard greens for 2/3 minutes!? That amount of time may 'wilt' them... but actually cook them? I'm skeptical. When i've made collard greens in the past i've cooked them much longer than that. what am i missing?


Double the tomatoes, slice the sausage into coins, add red wine at the end with the pasta water. Delicious!


I will use Swiss chard, or possibly arugula.


Field Roast Italian Sausage is delicious and worked well here. Used kale because collards at the market were over the hill. Needed more tomato, so added about 6 oz of well-drained canned chopped tomatoes. Delicious and easy.


Loved this! Great meal on a chilly winter evening. I substituted mild Italian turkey sausage. Next time I will add more green and double the tomatoes.

Sarah H.

This was great. The lemon zest and juice is a must. Used whole wheat pasta, chicken andouille sausage, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and cilantro due to preference and/or what was on hand. Increased the garlic and tomatoes. I prefer 'stuff' with some pasta, so I would probably reduce the amount of pasta next time or increase the other ingredients. My husband was raised in Italy. He thought the proportion of 'stuff' to pasta was perfect. Guess it's personal preference.


I do this but add wine and use mustard greens. Also add cilantro. It's wonderful.


We were introduced to ‘Greens and Beans’ in the Finger Lakes years ago and have recreated many times over the years. Often we use a mix of spinach and baby kale (gives it some body) or arugula. And our favorite sausage- mild or spicy Italian, garlic etc.. We have had it with or without pasta, as a main dish (with a nice crusty bread) or side.


We’re vegan so I used Beyond Italian sausages for this, vegan Parmesan from Trader Joe’s and added a 1/8t red pepper. DELICIOUS!!


To those looking for meatless substitutes - and anyone else who might be interested in expanding their culinary repertoire: "Beyondmeat" also makes sausages worth salivating over. I plan to use their "Hot Italian" sausage for this dish, throwing in a generous splash of liquid smoke and perhaps a touch of file powder to hit closer to those andouille notes. Bon Appetit, everyone!


Flavor is terrific. I made this for company and got some feedback that I appreciate: rather than cubing the sausage, slice it into coins; people wanted more sauce. Clearly that's my fault, I should have eyed when I was mixing with the half cup of water and realized I needed more.

Eileen O

This was a big hit with my family! I used spinach instead of collard greens. Will definitely add this to our rotation. Perfect winter dish!


Kilbasa works well


Absolutely outstanding! Adding the lemon and lemon zest at the end really makes it zing!


A nice cozy and satisfying weekend pasta dish. Not a fan of collard greens but that's just my personal taste.


Pretty good, honestly a little bland. Maybe would be better with sun dried tomatoes.


Nothing special except Andouille.


I made a couple of changes based on my taste - I used sweet Italian sausage instead of andouille and kale instead of collards. I used 1/2 lb. of pasta instead of 1 lb. The result was fantastic; a wonderful one dish winter meal. Don't omit the squeeze of lemon at the end - it adds a wonderful brightness.


Made as per the recipe. I used bagged/pre-chopped collards, which was a pain bc there were a lot of stems. Next time, I’ll get whole leaves and remove the stems myself. Also, I probably won’t include the beans. I’m not super pleased with their flavor or texture in this recipe.


I made this last night and thought it a delicious blend of flavors. A few substitutions: since I can’t do spicy right now, I used smoked chicken sausage; collards looked terrible so I used rainbow chard; doubled the amount of fresh chopped tomatoes; used dried thyme and no fresh herbs. I added the pasta to the pot of sausage mixture rather than vice versa. I think this change made for a creamier end product - not dry as others have commented. Husband said “this is a keeper”! Will make again.


So so good! I added some chopped sun dried tomatoes, subbed spinach and added a little dairy free heavy whipping cream at the end with the pasta water. Definitely don’t skip the thyme, it adds such a nice flavor, and the beans make it creamy and rich. I used gigli noodles and cut the sausage into coins, though dicing them might’ve helped disperse the sausage throughout the dish a bit better.


Made this because I was tired of subbing collards in recipes written for other greens. The texture of collards really makes this dish work! Consider using less pasta — I think we’ll halve it next time — and, uh, don’t overcook cheap pasta so badly it clumps to itself in the colander….


Made this according to the recipe except could not get andouille sausage so used a hatch chili sausage and added white wine with the pasta water. I will not make this again even with andouille. For us, it needed more of a sauce. May have been better with an added can of crushed tomatoes and tomato paste. There are better pasta recipes on NYT Cooking.


We loved this! Was an unusually chilly day for May, so the heartiness of this pasta was most welcome. A few tweaks: we are vegetarian, so we used Field Roast brand smoked sausage. Not a sub for andouille. So I added some red pepper flakes. Also used chard and kale from the garden. Would use more next time. I didn’t have enough rigatoni so used spaghetti. Was fine, but rigatoni would probably work better. Anyway, totally going on the rotation. Delicious and healthy!

Jeannette B

Great flavors. Next time I would chop the collards smaller and blanch. Also used less pasta - 2 oz per person is plenty. Have this planned for leftovers and saved some pasta water for that.


Andouille is a little spicy for the kids. Didn’t add the whole pound of pasta. Used kale and soaked/cooked dried white beans. Everyone liked!

Kris H

So good. It feels like it's meant to be a winter meal, but we do it all year round. I used some substitutions because of what I had on hand and they worked great. I used kale for the greens and diced onion for the shallot. I prefer to have more ingredients to pasta ratio so I only use about a half pound of pasta. I also deglazed the pan after the sausage and onions/garlic with a little rose.

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Pasta With Andouille Sausage, Beans and Greens Recipe (2024)


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